Laser engraving on Cork is a very unique to enhance an amazing product. It gives beautiful results to be able to express your interests in a unique way. Adding a custom element to your kitchen trivet or drink coasters. Cork offers a unique look too, when you engrave it it darkens giving a high contrast for easy readability. 

Cork Benefits

This is a thoughtful reason to explain why cork is used as a bottle stopper and also as flooring. It might look spongy outside, but what will amaze us is that cork is waterproof. This material contains millions of cells in each cubic centimeter which may be mistaken as absorbent fabric; however, these cells also contain suberin, which is a natural fatty substance. Therefore, almost no water retention is made within its cell walls, perfectly explaining why cork has water resistance properties.

Products made from cork are actually beneficial to your health. They help carry your devices safely. Cork is naturally anti-microbial which assures a great promise in deteriorating mold, mildew, termites and other harmful insect infestations. Cork’s antistatic surface limits the chance of dust and toxin absorption, making it a great choice for people with allergies. Being a great material to use around the home, cork hardly releases volatile organic compounds that may affect badly your home’s indoor atmosphere. Cork is also a slow combustion material, which contains off-gas property that prevents itself against flame and heat. It takes extremely high temps to let the inflammation or melting occur. During the combustion process, cork generates less smoke and chemicals than other materials such as vinyl and laminate.

Note: Although cork is considered fire resistant, don’t mistake that it is well fire retardant too. It is better not to place things made from cork close to open flame.

Cork is often used as materials in the household, for instance as a flooring, bath mats, and tableware since it is proved to be super resistant. Its cracking and abrasions resistance, along with amazing ability to stay well against liquids and moisture help your cork products’ lifetime extent up to 30 years or longer if properly cared for. In addition to cork flooring products, cork can maintain its pristine form in spite of the weight of furniture that is placed on it, so you can assure there will be no indent marks caused by furniture over time. Apparently, with such impressive properties, there is no doubt that cork is the most long-lasting material ever.

Almost cork products have very little or no negative impact on the environment. As originally harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, it showed that without chopping down the actual trees, people can still make use of their products into industrialization. No waste has been made during the manufacturing process, and the leftover materials are reused and bound together.

Another reason is that the periods for re-harvesting bark are long (every 14 years available) which make cork rapidly renewable among other natural resources. Since cork is recyclable, a significant amount of carbon incorporated in this material can be delayed to emit back to the atmosphere. Otherwise, as the cork is sustainable, cork industries find themselves in need to adopt more cork oak trees so as to meet the growing demand from purchasers, which indirectly creates a cycle that supports a healthier environment.

Cork is a versatile raw material which is available in many different technological transformation processes, thereby generating several products in various sizes, styles, and colors. Since cork is taken from nature; therefore, no piece is the same. Thus, there will be a multitude of grain, texture and color choices regarding cork products. This is why no two cork handbags are exactly alike!

This information pulled from Evecork.

Personal Uses:

  • Kitchen
    • Trivets
    • Serving Hot Plates
  • Living Room
    • Coasters
    • Planter Stand

Business Uses:

  • Table Coaster
    • Reusable
    • Green
  • Personalized Hot Plate for Serving
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